07-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kitty alcohol tastes better when life messed up
dog cat cards winning knock vase loser guilty
fine line flrting creepy ring finger gynecologist
people ask why wake up morons make fun of me thats what heroes do
mainstream media mommy wont talk joe biden criminal activities theyre ones too
scientist midterm virus is ready
security airport computer are you terrorist
biden harris wheet of misfortune weeks blame game putin trump covid
janet yellen no signs of recession jenga
mainstream media responses trump shovels biden flowers get well
reliable green energy doesnt work lights diesel
iceberg recession biden doesnt fit my definition

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet bassler dont care gender sexual preferences respect integrity trendy self assigned labels
tweet good samaritan indiana stopped shooter 10 rounds magazine
tweet millenials average rent income broke not avocado toast

Message of the Day

message gen x not mad disappointed

Quote of the Day

quote bridgewater pretend gangsta college degrees image kids

Next Phase of the “You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy” Plan

world economic forum calls to end wasteful private car ownership

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