07-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

job interview spectrum cable installer 6 hours late interview
kid nana let me my mom better than yours
me seeing nerd d&d stranger things hellfire shirt
marsha brady bunch football plans inflation
meme about current event talking
country gone 0 days without embarassed joe biden
joe biden out of gas green energy stalled car
pelosi terrified by jan 6th fine active war zone ukraine
newspaper half sizebused to piblish both sides story
not a cell phone in sight kids living moment red dawn
djokovic us open shots required

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet spin-off classic margarita shots tequila
tweet text reply slow searching meme library
police report vehicle psychopath
tweet what is recession dont know woman number 5 shot will work

Message of the Day


Quote of the Day

quote sowell demonstratably true vs asserted repeatedly believed

Lesson of the Day

liberalism about control health care speech guns eat

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