07-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

spiderman point fingers explain gap resume turnover rate
lord protect lettuce tomatoo big mac holy cow
baby yoda never date chick subway knows 6 inches really looks like
poltician ducks food floor press secretary recession two quarters
me keeping myself posting big brain
media tv sht storm americans
cant afford gas by 60k electric car higher interest rate grid not ready handle
pete buttigieg dr evil more pain gas prices electric vehicles
pelosi wicked witch fly monkeypox midterms coming
babylon bee joe biden signs dont say recession bill

Never Trust Politicians with a (D) After Their Name (or an (R) After It, for That Matter)

Joe Manchin Strikes Deal With Chuck Schumer on Tax Increases

Too many Republicans are fans of Manchin because of a few recent scattered votes against Biden’s NWO Great Reset agenda. Let’s remember that he votes in lockstep with his party on almost every bill. The fact he calls himself a Democrat is what gives The Party control of the U.S. Senate. Let’s also remember that he represents coal-heavy West Virginia, where Trump won almost 70%, so every once in a while he has to put up appearances that he is conservative & independent. It’s no different than RINOs like McConnell, Romney, Collins, etc. who will talk like Reagan conservatives in election season, then go back to their usual insane spending, government growth, anti-American, anti-freedom ways.

biden democrats rinos swamp achievements january 6th distraction
rinos undocumented democrats mcconnell mccarthy sasse collins murkowski romney toomey

A Heartbeat Away from Being Your President

kamala harris tell gender pronouns what color your suit

Biggest Drama Queen in Professional Sports

lebron james better jordan losing flopping trading coaches fired

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet genie 17 wishes not 3 issues here
tweet hollywood hasnt remade spiderman couple weeks
tweet liz cheney vendetta trump exposing dick father
tweet two weeks to flatten recession close federal reserve saves one life

Message of the Day

message make sure boat rowing not drilling holes

Quote of the Day

quote joker never judge people past learn change move on

Do Not Give Another Inch to These People

great reset klaus schwab replace meat bugs insects

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