08-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

billion dollar corporation asks broke donate charity
never ending quest finding memes ungrateful degenerates
seinfeld 10 500 1500 as teenager adult
modern seinfeld kramer unemployment elaine halloween jerry mask
news media monkeypox climate change guns cnn msnbc fox 3d schwab
american tax dollars leaky pipe rest of world
snake den of snakes democrats pelosi schumer
youre an fdr fan name three internment camps japanese
biden my time vultures kamala pete buttigieg newsom warren
babylon bee california birth certificate no identifying info
griner russia dude liberals care more than americans afghanistan

Fewer Americans Are Falling for the Same Tricks

tweet inflation reduction act only 12 percent believe title

With So-Called Inflation Reduction Act Looking Likely to Pass, Poll Shows Few People Actually Believe in It

inflation reduction act brazen misnomers biden

Least Shocking News of 2022

Biden administration declares monkeypox a public health ’emergency’

babylon bee walensky shutdown cant stop monkeypox

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet covid didnt destroy you ruin livelihood lose job plunge economy government did
tweet claims trust science displays of faith no confidence scientific method rigorous testing
fb joe rogan biden weasels changing definitions pretend good job
tweet lake bush cheney clinton obama mccain political dynasties

Quote of the Day

quote mirren 70 years advice use words fck off more frequently

Message of the Day

message fight for toilet paper but not your freedom

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6 thoughts on “08-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. As for what Sophie said up there,

    The Government did not really do any of that.
    The Government said “jump”, and “we”, most anyway, said “how high”.
    Not enough said “fxxx off”. Therefore, there was ample resources to deal with the defiance. So the heroes had to avoid the Government in not so obvious ways.

    Had all those complaining back then not been such cowards things would have gone differently.

    • So people weren’t getting arrested? Seems to me like the government was forcing their rules. You can only nudge against the government to a point, when you rise up in force, they do also, then people start getting “dealt with”.

      Personally, I hardly leave my real estate. Nearly everything that happened, happened to everyone else, and barely affected me. I’m not in an area that was completely locked down anyway, I mostly just read about it.

      • Note what Brutus said:
        “ Not enough said “fxxx off”. Therefore, there was ample resources to deal with the defiance.”

        If you look at the number of law enforcement vs the people only a small percentage need put their foot down.
        It has happened before.
        Read up on the battle of Athens.

        But you must be willing to see it through, you cannot jump a ditch in two hops.

        • I rebel by not being a part of your system, unless absolutely necessary. Try not living in your little fantasy land and thinking the people are going to rise up. I’m so sick of the frigging idiots romanticizing an uprising. I always know I’m not dealing with someone who lives in reality when they think the people are going to overthrow the government. The government has tens of millions of loyalists in their military, who will consider anyone rising up to be traitors that need to be stopped, by force. We don’t live in times of the revolutionary war. Government has helicopters that will fly over the horizon, launch a missile through your front door, then have the media tell the world your house blew up from a gas leak. A small pushback, once in a while, but the government will do an end run around when no one is look. Stupid sheep never know what is going on until it is too late.

  2. Anytime someone asks me if I want to donate to charity, I just say, “Not today”. I don’t feel guilt about it because I’m not lying.

  3. When one MAN says NO….
    Rome trembles.

    We are in the time of the revolution.

    Read the Declaration and adjust the words to fit the present issues.

    With all of its perceived might and hardware the gubmnt foot print is a sight bigger than its foot.

    I’ll wager that 99% of its support hinges on its ability to print and transfer money and pay its hirelings.

    Great exchanges on a usually dead site!
    Guess there are more than 6 or 8 readers.

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