08-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dad bod struggles not piece of meat
laugh at something shouldnt have prebook place in hell
rabbit high cougar marco polo
joe biden economy graph falling down
when you check friends havent hear social media says add friend
joe biden record accomplishment unmatched mental health institute
briner market safe from having hear us national anthem for 9 years jail
schumer manchin mortuary inflation reduction act ambulance
vote for biden against trump headache amputated head
liz cheney hourglass time running out
biden pre submitted questions flip correct page barely read answer
hunter biden secret service fbi protection

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet smash capitalism rebel apple laptop mask corporate media starbucks
tweet time reality check would not recommend
tweet red flag laws sound great crazy 5 year olds drag shows

Quote of the Day

quote advice not know more done more stupid shit

Message of the Day

message those shut down business reelection closed businesses covid mandates

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