08-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

people become fb friends me no idea what about to post
mother reading story kid stayed bed monsters
duck hunter wooden female decoy
good news superyacht owners younger in tine climate crisis
newman seinfeld look you give them safest way vote by mail
decades middle class inflation said youre poor
cooking with nancy pelos baileys cereal
cop any drugs alcohol in car paul pelosi everything
teacher cant assume gender bone structure rational woke
monkeypox dont say gay democrats liberals
genenius times biden changes definition of dementia
dinosaurs anti trump is the future gop primaries comet
inflation reduction act bombing tax gas cans
china threatens retaliate pelosi taiwan
griner shouldnt hear national anthem 9 years cheers

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet spoiler fairytale cinderella wicked witch prince at work
tweet welcome middle age berry tums dessert
tweet parenting book bribes threats

Quote of the Day

quote sowell left vision rights people shepherds us to be sheep

Message of the Day

message you can only say wtf so many time decide to start drinking

Other Links That May Interest You

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