08-09 PIC Daily (Bonus)

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GOP Slams Weaponization of DOJ After FBI Raids Mar-a-Lago Trump’s

Democrats know they can no longer win fair elections, and they’re increasingly being called out and thwarted in their usual cheating antics, so their only resort is to tear down as much of American democracy as they can by November while weaponizing every federal agency to take down their most dangerous political opponents. Regardless of what you think of Trump, the actions of the Biden DOJ the past 18 months sets a precedent where the party in power goes after the other, regardless of the evidence or the real priorities of Americans. Quite possibly the most tragically comedic statements of the past two years were the ones that Biden would “bring the nation together and heal the divisions caused by Trump.” Hmmmm….after the January 6th show trials and this latest raid, I’m sure American citizens will soon all be holding hands and singing Kumbaya! 👍

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once upon time fbi created fight organized crime than became it the end
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question how long lets go brandom terrorist hate speech investigation by fbi
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The Washington Establishment Fears A Second Term Trump – John Dempsey

7 thoughts on “08-09 PIC Daily (Bonus)

  1. Donny Dupe, the deep state doormat, is an asset for the left, pure and simple. He did not drain the swamp a jot.

    The left probably does not want whatever is found in Mar A Lago to be a nail in Trump’s political ability to get the GOP nomination.

    They view Trump as insurance. Sure, he is beatable, but if he wins the fed, fed, feds will weaponize against conservatives, again, like they did last time right under Donny’s nose.

  2. I originally sent that around back in ’16. It’s still true today, as evidenced by the Stasi raid on Mar-A-Lago. Stay the course Patriots!

  3. Every which way you look the progressives are erasing the eyes dotted, and double crossing the tease.

  4. When you think about oppressive regimes around the world, Russia and China stand out as brutal. Certainly in America, nothing begins to compare…or does it? WHen you witness the ever growing heavy handedness of the progressive DC community, it is rather scary. Where did this new FBI come from? Did they just return from a Stazi training camp, or did the Biden admin order this action — one that resembles the actions of oppressive states — other places, less free, with no documents guarenteeing individual rights, and the absolute rights of the invididual — rather than the absolute powr of the state. What has changed during the Biden admin? This is frightening.

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