08-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

comforting your kid after hurt doing told not to tissue
dog joke knock knock bark
facebook google thinking about buying listening
time to be alive collapse of rome with wifi
leftist trump unbearable rainbow biden fire this is fine
covid monkeypox mask protection
fbi umbrella protection hunter joe biden
kid like sports color blue schedule surgery
gavin newsome uhaual salesman of the year
flores latinx voting republican build the wall
congrats russia signing griner long term contract
manchin 2024 us senate inflation reduction act green energy funneling taxes schumer

Don’t Worry, the Dems Would NEVER Weaponize a Federal Agency Against Political Enemies 👌

tweet cruz shadow army irs larger than pentagon fbi

Dems Adding 87,000 IRS Agents, with Majority of New Employees Expected to Target Middle Class Taxpayers

cant feed family joe biden enjoy your irs audit

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet only democrats 700 billion inflation reduction act laughing at us
tweet aunt jemima high fructose corn syrm leftists hollow symbolic gestures
tweet desantis raise mal trump 87k irs agents banana republic
tweet good thing alex jones meth prostitutes selling american secrets

Quote of the Day

quote keanu reeves struggle depression reality we live in

No Truth-Telling if It Goes Against the Narrative! 😱

tweet cbs scramples ukraine aid 30 percent

CBS News Scrambles to Memory-Hole Documentary Claiming Just 30% of Ukraine Aid Makes It to Front Lines

Message of the Day

message mistake truthseekers want to be right wish wrong

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