08-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

car companies 80s 90s performance now subscription expired heated seats
cop wife lady shaver not taser work
spider corner shower sees me naked screaming
bears hibernating windows updates emails texts
guy cut off traffic minigun
george soros district attoryneys palpatine vader crime
source of monkeypox outbreak bill gates
myth fairy unicorn tax spend cautious high inflation democrats
sponge bob nonsense end next current thing
baron trump sitting room video games fbi raid

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet eat whole pizza wont know was one
tweet eat year invited vacation annoying husband children
tweet teacher kid happy unrealistic expectations

Enemy of the People

joe biden gestapo
tweet kari lake weaponization fbi federal government
football referee they only have ball no defense jan 6th hearing
inflation reduction act irs steroids weaponized biden
biden weaponized fbi against america trump supporters back down laughing
mitch mcconnell trump send another ukraine package all costs

The Way “Tax the Rich” Bills Always End Up Being Implemented

heritage who will pay inflation reduction act middle class
recession stealing money democrats happily help you tax hikes

Quote of the Day

quote laffer if tax people work pay people dont get lot people not working

Message of the Day

wont call economy recession controlled demolition

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3 thoughts on “08-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. when a government is created by the people it is destined to fail and the time has come.

    Only governments that follow God’s Law prosper and endure.

    Deviate from God’s Law and here comes Judgment.

    Today’s reading is Psalm 73
    and Deuteronomy 7.

  2. Epps entrapment got to rate
    January 6 is the date
    Donny Dupe
    Deep State Doormat
    Welcome to 1984

    Blowback ransack
    Narrative nice crack

    Hunter, where is that sore?

    Kabuki Joe shuffles as he shovels
    out the back door

    Chinaware, beware
    Russian oil is cheap for you

    Blowback ransack
    Narrative nice crack

    Biden is a greedy Hore

  3. Hopefully you meant Deuteronomy 17. Actually starting at 16:18-17:20…Also Exodus 18 is great to learn from.
    The old covenant is over, we are so lucky to be born into the new covenant.
    Our hope is found in Jesus. Revelation 21&22
    Thanks for psalm 73, great read!

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