08-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

young lad wins lottery two girls personality
bury body cover endangered plants gardening tips
seeing boobs age 15 50 glasses
evolution of medicine genes dollar signs
cnn photo bomb ar 15 round
speaking monkeypox letter k is silent
sharon stone basic instinct facebook stop spread false information
dr dick chopp urologist
florida crystals coffee meth sugar strippers
so tell me most heavily armed citizens in world attempted unarmed insurrection

Lesson of the Day

lesson wrong enemy rich people who use government control you

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet people talk income wage gaps not skill effort talent
tweet rent higher wage same modine
tweet dont forget neighbors employers masked
tweet biden voters thought student loan tax increase instead

Coming Attractions of the Biden Admin

tweet football field 87000 irs agents

I’m tired of hearing liberals say “If you haven’t cheated on your taxes, you have no reason to fear an audit.” Even if you’re a 100 percent law-abiding citizen, raise your hand if you want to go through an IRS audit? It’s the financial equivalent of a colonoscopy with no anesthesia. It punishes honest Americans who are simply poor record keepers. And even if you keep meticulous records, are you sure all your receipts are legally sufficient? I remember showing a payment to Gastroenterology Associates that wasn’t sufficient for an FSA receipt since it didn’t show a “description of medical services.” You know, it could have been for video games or something. 🙄 Half of tax law is subject to interpretation, and guess who will win the argument between you and an IRS agent? 🤔 Your $2000 deduction is disallowed, so let’s adjust your tax due and tack on some penalties & late fees. Don’t like it? Take it to tax court, paying thousands to a tax attorney to argue a case decided by a government judge. And do we think the audit selections will just be random? Remember this weaslely Obama IRS head who targeted conservatives, libertarians, and Tea Party members, then pleaded the 5th when under investigation?

lois lerner irs targeting conservatives pleads 5th

Yes, it’s just another example of the Ruling Class gestapo taking down political enemies one-by-one. Or more importantly, frightening potential threats into submission.

By the way, just how expensive will it really be to hire 87,000 IRS auditors? The labor shortage is affecting the accounting profession like most others, not to mention that tax law is extremely complex and tax auditors are among the most hated professionals in America. In other words, you’ll have to pay a hefty cost to draw people to these positions, which means you’re also taking 87,000 highly-trained tax pros out of the private sector. Thus, it’s even more difficult for law-abiding Americans to comply with the millions of words in the tax codes. Regardless of how this BS plays out, the additional tax collection dollars likely won’t cover a single day of U.S. Government spending.

message lisa simpson irs target people cant afford lawyer
maybe tax everyone 100 percent so we can save ukraine
lois lerner irs targeting pleads 5th taxpayer audit

Quote of the Day

quote teddy roosevelt patriotism standing behind country not president

Message of the Day

message notice stimulus checks gas food rent

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3 thoughts on “08-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Don’t forget that the future accountants of America are being taught woke Math.

    2+2=5 That will get you audited every time.

  2. Donny Dupe is a deep state doormat.

    Donny Dupe pleads the fifth.
    Donny Dupe is a swamp energizer.
    Donny Dupe spent his utility for liberty
    Puffing on Fauci’s big pharma.

    Donny Dupe is now baggage drag.
    That is why The Raiders of The Lost Cause
    Want you to react with emotion
    And redouble your Donny Devotion.

    Donny Dupe is a deep state doormat.

  3. The cost of those 87,000 “agents”?

    If we pick a conservative figure for the loaded rate, and count office and staff, a car, and a few other bells and whistles ….. lets see …. carry the 4 …
    naught from naught is still naught …
    I get 250,000 each and that will be …
    But you know, think of how many more will withdraw their support for the dying empire.

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