08-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

meme archive reaction pic instead of healthy emotions
dogs shes hungry salad eats your fries
promise wont get weird world changing
kid parents wanted me golfers
woke bank exit fossil fuels except white ceos private planes
tv boy meets girl married family syfy channel
adding school friends social media strangers fighting nwo yes
not all heroes wear capes waitress beer mugs
when scientists blame depression tech social media credit public schools
biden snake oil salesman inflation reduction act ailments
daddy what took frredoms away hiding muzzle conspiracy theorist
joe biden tested negative covid quarantine week without gaffe

Lesson of the Day

lesson day left lane someone behind slow right

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dog watching flight safety demo
tweet gps etimated time challenge machines dominance

Quote of the Day

quote whiskey spirit ghostbuster not alcoholic bill murray

Message of the Day

message only sexual knowledge 3rd grader girls have cooties

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2 thoughts on “08-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Dems Rats may not “win” or they may, but surely they do better than they would have otherwise because we focus on Mar A Lago, and not the bass holes green inflating and war enabling bunk chit. No matter if this is “get Trump now” or “wound him for the easy foil later,” it is absolutely a propaganda coup for the Deep State, starring their favorite doormat, Donny Dupe. Bad news is better than no news, especially when the bad news is not inflation and war enabling, but instead Mar A Lago.

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