08-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

feel muscles from sharing memes all day
photo empty bowl cat animal services
2022 havent had coivd superior every person planet
plastic cup holding paper keep from leaking
homer simpson remove global pandemic crippling inflation
anakin yoda fear drag queen story hour
scientists then vs now disprove findings hate speech now
joe biden no arm school security irs agents 87k
buffalo bill silence of lambs have w2s in basement
merrick garland book store fiction bill of rights
office space what would you say you do here fbi domestic terrorists
dont ask why i need ar 15 why irs agent needs
trump home alone lobby nuclear code 8675309

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet miniature donkey escaped cat orchestrated
tweet dad wife watched resident evil toddler
tweet at age drop something dont need it anymore

It’s Time Wyoming Voters!

liz cheney august 16 2022 gone

It’s also time for Alaska voters to boot RINO Lisa Murkowski out once and for all. Remember this moment from the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings?

lisa murkowski feinstein i own you ill vote against alaskans

Very Little Happens by Coincidence

tweet trump raid news cycle whitmer entrapment hunter laptop afghanistan cdc

Quote of the Day

quote kasparov modern propaganda misinform push agenda

Message of the Day

message crying out conspiracy theory complex subject intellectual discourse

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7 thoughts on “08-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. It’s time for all the States, at the federal and state level to do this.

    Take the time to call your representatives and senators.
    Challenge them on what they claim to stand for.
    Confront them with what they have done or not done.
    Confront them on their failure to follow the Constitution.
    Ask what bills they authored or put their name on.
    Ask what unconstitutional laws they plan to eliminate.
    Tell them how you intend to vote.

    • And they will give lip service while talking to you, then laugh at you when they hang up the phone. The game of politics is played on the people, and only sheep believe in politicians.

      • Could not agree more and you may have missed the last sentence.

        The effectiveness of this hinges on the security of an election.
        If the elections are not secure then there is only one final course of action available to the people.

        This course of action is never legitimately available until certain things are done before it is taken. First you must exhaust every other means available.
        The other is to be in the will of God which means you are acting in faith and in his timing and you will know you are under his direction as was Gideon and many others before him and after him.

        Anyone interested in this should go to defytyrants.com and get the book The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate. We saw this doctrine played out in several places across the country in the last couple of years.
        most notably the governor of Texas telling Washington where to put it.
        lesser Magistrates elected or hired have a duty and authority to resist evil from above on behalf of the people. Many try but are not supported by the people below them and they fail.
        This is not an indictment on the lesser Magistrate for his action but an indictment on the people for not rallying behind him to throw off that evil the preferring their bread and circuses and enslavement over the tumultuous contest of Liberty.

        • Let’s not forget that elections are not how God told His people to choose a leader.

        • You know what a self reinforcing delusion is, right? You can keep your religious delusions. If you really were a person of faith, you would know to capitalize He, Him, and His every time you are mentioning God.

          Also, talk about someone who didn’t read the last line… Honestly, your religious beliefs make you no different than bleating sheep. No matter what someone tells you, you will always think the solution is to vote, just like the politicians want you to.

  2. @Timothy

    It’s apparent that your own self reinforcing delusion is preventing you from seeing religion as anything other than a self reinforcing delusion. Nice try though.

    • You know what the sun is, right? That which has risen, that from which all life flows… You are living in a world of make believe, and that belief is a metaphor for worshiping the sun god, the god sun, the son of god. You don’t live in reality but have convinced yourself you do. Thanks for the laugh. BTW, Amen Ra was the Egyptian sun god, remind me again who you invoke at the end of ALL your prayers? Do you end them with Amen? And you think I’m delusional? LMAO!

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