08-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

phoenix joker mentally depressed one day this group
google hot dogs in my area
hobbies include posting memes piss people off
toilet shaped like lebron james
ancient wisdom electricity air conditioner vs tesla climate change evs
biden inflation act victory lap zero inauguration
welcome real world kid first paycheck discovery of taxes
fbi copying kgb paper test
hoax pattern white board what if election stays true dems
clients taking alec baldwin defense gun fired itself
white teachers laid off first systemic racism
irs ss 80 billion irs 87k new armed agents

The Ruling Class Tools Live in a Parallel Universe

liz cheney one rino until dc swamp is rino free
xx dont always lose liz cheney compare myself to lincoln
liz cheney miss piggy lost 37 percent felt cute might run for president

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet being libertarian scientists cockroach milk cows not eating bugs
new york times time for cannibalism

Another State-Run Propaganda Source Bites the Dust

CNN Dumps Stelter and ‘Reliable Sources’

He went from the New York Times to CNN. I’m assuming MSNBC will be calling next. You know they desperately need more Trump/conservative/libertarian haters!

liz cheney brian stelter trump youre fired

Mainstream Media Meme Gallery 5

Quote of the Day

quote rich rob poor business fight back violence

Message of the Day

message fbi doj cia nsa encourage violence delegitimize maga movement

Other Links That May Interest You

Ho Hum, Another Day of Tech Tyranny: Libs of Tik Tok Banned on Facebook
Kayleigh McEnany to Launch Dating App for Conservatives
Justin Trudeau Meme Gallery
Just for Fun/Non-Political Meme Gallery 3

3 thoughts on “08-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Need help on the Lincoln meme.

    Why would one compare themselves to Lincoln?
    Did not care for Africans, said he would not allow them to have equality,
    tried to ship them back, a few he did,
    stole his second term, violated the Constitution six ways from Thursday,
    inaugurated concentration camps (for blacks), admitted he destroyed the Republic, ran one of the most corrupt administrations in history, …….

  2. So, per the Trump meme, no violence.

    But that means the inevitable purge of conservatives, like in other conquered countries. We die.

    We are caught between the desire to be peaceful, and the left’s willingness to kill us as long as we remain peaceful.

    The deep state does want stupid violence. But that’s only because we lack true leadership, and do not work en-mass to correct things.

    2022? 2024?? Ridiculous. We should be protesting by the tens of millions for 2020. But our leaders surrendered.

    Which means, we lose.

  3. Emotionally attached GOPs and Conservatives, as preffered by Leftist Propagandists and Deep State operatives, including the Stasi FBI:

    “After the Mar A Lago raid, I am firmly behind Trump.”

    The Sawdust Kid’s of the people, by the people, and for the people populist response:

    ‘Good for you. I prefer cleaner air. Turn the page, win an era, keep Trump and get more deep state doormat.’

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