08-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bill becomes law no song explains this crap
birds v formation texting
boss why leave work early not having good time
calvin hobbes surest sign intelligence universe no on tried to contact us
me doing taxes on own arrested
fun fact no state dog carry permit
global warming call in your day august
joe biden pigs fly inflation reduction act
babylon bee lebron james teach son how to flop
klaus schwaub how spot super villain costume german accent
why called inflation reduction act wont reduce add irs agent army poll
doj garland fueling trump 2024 campaign bus

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet libertarian inflation drops more expensive year ago wasnt worst performance ever
tweet patriot act not patriotic no child left behind affordable care inflation reduction act
tweet cdc guidelines dont matter suicides business failures cancer dehumanized

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson cant call them breakthrough cases plurality multiple doses

Quote of the Day

quote sam wade remember ants movie grasshopper recruits point

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