08-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

opening line every day sign youve ive got baggage
work from home tip sign blowing on wine tea zoom hot
climate turtles how starbucks feels plastic cups paper straws
colon kaepernick all nfl teams interested fresh prince
liberals npc guns weapons of war not yet
trump rino trophies liz cheney
police defunded us border agent cuts 87000 new irs agents funded
how liz cheney views herself abe lincoln americans benedict arnold
babylon bee overweight man 8.5 percent inflation no longer problem 0 weight gain this month
michelle obama nobody raided my panty drawer
dumb dumber liz cheney brian stelter got room ride to the view

Quote of the Day

quote robin williams hungry stomach empty wallet broken heard best lessons life

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dogs cats shed trying having girlfriend
tweet pediatrician hour late toddler this is clock
tweet beer cost 12 dollars because tastes weird
tweet want flying cars driving

Shocker 🙄

new york post 80 percent irs revenue small businesses inflation reduction biden

actual picture 87000 irs agents destroy childs lemonade stand star wars drone army

75 Types of Taxes You Pay the Government

Message of the Day

message instead focusing men left white house current wrecking america

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