08-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dogs her dont normally do this on first date
everything falling apart work minutes lunch break
vegetable hospice drawer
me if conspiracies theories coming true olympic sport metals
pirates caribbean venmo irs agent chasing
fetterman maxi me dr evil bernie sanders radical socialist
dilbert climate change tech support blame dogbert
homer simpson wait trash fauci kinzinger liz cheney brian stelter toobin
superman irs headquarters burning
uss covid response sinking ship walensky cdc
trump crimes resist lets see liberal omg no
forgive student loans students dissect taylor swift lyrics credit
liz cheney got any more government jobs addict
fauci retiring americans flipping bird
babylon bee plumber looking forward paying for neighbors gender studies degree

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet everyone drinks coffee psychotic yes want to be alive for this nightmare
tweet noticed attitude not actions that caused it
tweet customer support help you with anything just thing

Quote of the Day

quote human beings equal not free

It’s an EMERGENCY! Quick – Give the Government More Money and Destroy the Fossil Fuel Industry!!!

cnn great barrier reef another tough hurricane season

Message of the Day

message celebrate new irs agents throw tea party

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