08-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

peoples timelines this week back to school gremlins
therapist how does that make you feel pulls out phone meme tagged
model on instagram running back on madden
gym membership cheaper than strip club lady margarita
facebook account never been banned normal loser
joe biden wall open borders trspass vacation home
cdc partnering conspiracy theorists dont take 3 years to figure things out
liberal college student loan biden sucker american worker
teacher rhymes with monkeypox bs
robbing banks where money is irs middle class
babylon bee texas builds 600 miles border wall uhaul trucks california
how long before colleges raise tuition 10000 dollars
thanks joe biden anchor taxpayer new grad handout
major college philosophy factory opened

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet phone car kid radio any song manager
tweet therapist family cookies brady bunch
tweet intermittent fasting parents no time eat
tweet 2020 election starbucks mail in votes misconduct voting process

Time for This Week’s Gaslighting

Trump White House exerted pressure on FDA for Covid-19 emergency use authorizations, House report finds

The majority of Americans have finally awakened to the uselessness of the Covid “vaccine,” so it’s time to rewrite history. It’s the classic pattern. Dems feed BS stories to the media. The media fulfill their lapdog duty of echoing it. Then, half the country just goes along with face-palm crap that is the exact opposite of what they’ve seen and heard. Just pretend Biden, Fauci, Walensky, Newsome, Pelosi, MSNBC, CNN, The View, and so on didn’t endlessly push the Covid vaccine on everyone. Suddenly, the vaccines, which didn’t start to be used until after Trump’s election, are all his fault. The CDC, NIH, and world health organizations are the victims here. 🙄 If that mean orange man didn’t tell them what to think, the Covid vaccine would have been as magically effective as the way they sold it. 👍

liberal 2021 no shot deserve to die would have been worse trumps fault

Quote of the Day

quote thomas sowell nobody responsible what did all responsible someone else

Message of the Day

message if wrong about them wouldnt censor

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One thought on “08-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Intermittent fasting is funny. I grew up in poverty, so I’ve always been really skinny, as an adult I can afford to eat whenever I want, and I have been. I’ve put on weight over past few years, and I’ve been “fasting” lately and have dropped several pounds since July. If I tell someone I’m starving myself, they’ll freak out, and say that it isn’t healthy, but if I tell them I’m fasting…

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