08-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

supermotivated diet regret lunch whole life cat lettuce
baby yoda when karma slaps you want to be there if it needs help
dogs on furniture cheezits starbucks couch
0 days since biden sent american taxpayer money to ukraine
fauci i did not have financial relations with that biolab
pelosi trump voters threat to democracy left wing democratic party
joe biden kamala harris pelosi state of union sinking
misrepresent name inflation reduction act department of justice
democrats love illegal immigrants just no dc new york
matrix what if told you biden screw up world economic forum tool
babylon bee average lifetime earning gender studies 10k
2016-2024 trump going to prison liberal you are here
paul nancy pelosi out of jail take out as many student loans as you can asap
just paid off last 20k student loans glum biden

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet spike housing crisis 50000 mortgages prices up more
tweet remember democrat recession electric car solar panels tax credit
tweet political scientists dont know how inflation adjust planet temperature
tweet covid hysteria fauci cuomo newsom pharma villains turned out to be correct
tweet student loans responsible 18 year old study poems

Quote of the Day

quote education without values clever devil

Messages of the Day

message since members congress retiring millions pay college forgiveness
message you arent allow stay strong keep resisting

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One thought on “08-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The DeSantis Administration’s Dept. of Justice should Trust Bust the big tech conglomerates that have licked progressive trickster gonads, megaphoning their insiduous propaganda all century.

    Whether it’s Obama ditching colorblind humanity or expanding the neocon he campaigned against, or being full of chit on Obama Scare or green doomsday prophesizing … big tech slimy chit faces were leaning on the scale … for favors and all the acrutements of fascist corporatist privilege.

    The slimy chit faces also, from Flynn to the Mueller Stooge himself, amplified the Russia Hoax. They fertilized the imPeachment Trees. The audacious hopers black holed Hunter’s “Big Guy” crack pipe, crime family, pervy family, Hunter’s family laptop.

    Now the Covid pornographers and Wuhan covers heads help the Deep State with more distraction propaganda, starring Donny Dupe the Deep State Doormat, directed by Garland, produced by slimy big tech chit faces.

    Enough is enough. Big Tech Trust Busting is on the 2024 Agenda, along with ending the FBI

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