08-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

people running for elevator close
cat home depot trainee customer cant reach climb knock down
koala on diet someone brings donuts
dog tongue start acting my age
biden student loan forgiveness democrat votes
babylon bee biden forgive 10k student loans unrelated college tuition hike
biden every student richer quick build rock climbing wall
joe biden truck taliban employee of year
wonka those did right thing paid off student loans you get nothing
biden school of economics student loans tuition inflation
babylon bee man harrowing moment forced student loan gunpoint
if you can afford electric car pay back student loans
spicoli if its your degree im paying for it make it our degree
homer why i dont trust government redacted trump raid

The Never-Ending Fauci Effect

Several Universities Implement Mask Mandates Ahead of School Year

fauci crimes against humanity gain of function masks schools closed work done

Social Media Posts of the Day

reddit plus sized women attracted overweight men
tweet finger quotes organic farmers market
tweet gen x rem everybody hurts ibuprofen ad

Quote of the Day

quote mark levin cant say fight next time wont be one

Message of the Day

message those of you afraid share posts swat teams dont knock

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