08-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat plotting to kill you dog trying to warn you
alcoholics anonymous meeting knew everyone there
how keep it together life crap memes bottle
watching news another theories comes true facebook jail 3 months ago for this
4 signs bad money trillions debt cant balance budget
feminist angry shaving head testosterone toxic masculinity
liberal hypocrisy carbon jets guns covid sea levels tell you obama newsome biden
finally agreement student loan bailout dems not enough republicans too much
good time open university unlimited money from government plus keggers
babylon bee nancy pelosi leading charge forgive bar tabs
congrats to everyone didnt have college debt now you do
minnesota teachers must be this color to keep teaching walk plank
fbi clues election interference lead to mirror
redacted paper epstein didnt kill himself

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet catturd fbi ignoring obvious biden crimes going after whistle blowers
tweet youtube masks social distancing covid
tweet authoritarians never believe censorship imprisonment enemies terrorists
tweet unpopular silence tate rushdie jones libs tiktok petty tyrant
tweet candace owens fbi trump supporters entrapment doj

Quote of the Day

quote crichton consensus refuse scoundrels greatest scientists broke

Message of the Day

message traitors government wont deadly force borders irs collection

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One thought on “08-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Gona bame it all on Trump uh?

    Well, those who did their own research and thinking, who had a memory longer than a gold fish, who could put two and two together and get four saw the whole thing was a scam within two or three weeks.
    The evidence indicates that Trump is not what his worshippers think he is.
    From how he failed to drain the swamp,
    bring Hillary to justice, handled the “covid”, pushed the “vaccine” through, to how he allowed the 2020 election to be stolen with little more than a whimper.
    Trump had all the authority, as well as the support of a sufficient number of the population to have taken care of business.

    Other presidents whose actions for all intents and purposes destroyed the country as we knew it are hailed as heroes.

    Had Trump taken decisive action he could have also destroyed the country as we knew it, but when the dust cleared, would have restored the country a lot closer to The Constitution.

    We are getting what we deserve.
    Jeremiah 5:31

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