09-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat tree victim online shopping check dimensions
spiritual people spread light me dragon
me to multiple government agencies listeing organizing masses
hhs secretary flasher biden harris
new study cnn liberal doesnt make sense changes
people marking social media pages fbi irs ignore blm rainbow
fbi mark zuckerberg handshake working together
what dr evil look like klaus schwab
stop complaining helping people robbing student loans
eating bugs stops the weather
babylon bee harvard paying 400k elizabeth warren why college so expensive
joe biden no one steal election again admitted can be stolen
biden simple read affadavit redacted

New Meme Gallery Added

Libertarian Meme Gallery 4

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet government housing prices college electric cars subsidizes
tweet ayn rand student loans social security stimulus take back stolen from them
tweet zuby pattern blattenly obvious ridiculed no apologies

Quote of the Day

quote meghan mccain liz cheney no place correct

Message of the Day

message 2+2=5 government integrity

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