09-02 PIC Daily (Bonus)

President Unity Gives Yet Another Inspirational Speech to Bring the Nation Together 🙄

townhall biden trump maga extreme speech biden

Biden Declares War on Republicans in Brazenly Political Screed

tweets biden divisive speech mcenany cotton pollak
biden using us marine core in speech year after leaving 13 to die in afghanistan

No one in the media has pointed out the obvious fact that these “extreme threats to democracy” have almost zero power. The Democrats control all facets of the federal government. The Left also firmly controls Big Tech, academia, the entertainment industry, and almost all of mainstream media and the world’s largest corporations. They are the only ones who have the ability to abuse power and THEY ARE! As I’ve blogged about before, speeches like this one from Biden blunt criticism and obscure their actions by accusing the other side of exactly what they’re doing. Think about this from the perspective of the independent voter who’s not paying close attention. Both sides are accusing each other of being fascists, crushing democracy, and abusing Constitutional rights. Such independents are likely just to roll their eyes, conclude both sides suck, then go back to their watching Netflix and browsing dog videos. Meanwhile, Leftists can proceed to peel away every ounce of freedom while their flying monkeys in the media cheer them on.

joe biden maga most extreme group history open borders police blm free speech
mainstream media this is extremely dangerou to our democracy
joe biden obey speech
message you are being conditioned to think people stand for freedoms are selfish extreme irresponsible hateful

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