09-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

slight breeze trick treat michael myers coffee
stop slamming brakes cop pulled over severed head too busy for you
gene wilder downhill after gave charlie chocolate factory
dont post youlll stir the pot zip a dee cat
when inflation reduction act goes into effect higher price tags
joe biden make taliban great again ice cream
biden transfer phd debt to plumbers trump fascist
california bans sale gas cars uhaul ev
lizzo actual photo oppression in america
strawberry blueberry irs robbery

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet zuby not controversial world dumb refuse to go along
tweet department of education every metric worse 1980
tweet flu like virus abandon reason logic weaponize state collectivism

Quote of the Day

quote capitalism greatest standard of living evidence ayn rand

Trump Identifies Something Obvious for the Lapdog Media

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t believe Trump is best 2024 candidate, and nominating him is probably the only way we have another nail-biter election, but he states perfectly why the MAGA movement is such a threat as well as why the Divider-in-Chief has no business near the White House.

truth trump explain biden maga make america great again
tweet biden face of dangerous threat to america
tweet alley inclusive potus fascist
emperor palpatine galactic empire biden
babylon bee after wiping out half universe thanos calls for unity

Message of the Day

message facebook heroes risk jail everyday

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7 thoughts on “09-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Just remember, the GOP began running on their promise to dissolve the Department of Education in 1994. Since then they have had several opportunities with GOP control of the Congress and White House, but ALL they gave America was the No Child Left Behind Act…the greatest increase in federal government power over education in history. So don’t count on the GOP to fix anything.

    And as for EVs. That one meme covers the truth quite nicely. The internal combustion engine and portable gasoline, allow one to get wherever they want and away from the immediate misery government is creating. THAT is why they want to eliminate them.

    • If EV’s were superior to IC they would not need to be subsidized by the government.

      Same thing with solar.

      Oh, EV’s could have their place, say for commuters on a known route.

      A minimalist one or two seater with a 125 % round trip range.
      The battery is the major cost so you pick the size based on your need based on distance, heat, and AC needed.
      Change off peak and pay tlme of day rates. Local utiliy manages the charge time and rate.
      Zero tax for ownership and insurance for EV And your IC vehicle based on miles driven, not by the year.
      Also zero tax to own your IC if you have an EV.

      I did pretty much this with a motorcycle And even after still paying the taxes and insurance on both , cut my commuting cost in half. Have to do your own maintenance and tires for this to work though.

    • Mr Liberty – I remember when the Republicans has the House, the Senate and the Presidency. They promised to remove silencers from the Gun Control Act.

      Surprise, surprise on que there was a shooting, not involving silencers of course. Then, it’s not the right time, just wait a little while.

      Funny how there is always a shooting when our side is about to pass legislation to remove unconstitutional gun laws. Do we know any real actual facts of the Mandolay mass murder?

  2. To all the heroes, who see Trump and the Republicans for what they truly are and stand apart from the masses.

  3. To all the heroes who see Biden, Democrats and their globalist masters as the totalitarians monsters they really are and have to courage to stand against the Democrat cult, Thank You.

    A biological man is a man.
    A biological woman is a woman.
    We will not own nothing by letting globalist own everything.
    We will not eat bugs.
    We will fight for our rights, for our freedoms and against the globalists that wish to enslave us.

    • If you think my comment is support for the democrats you misunderstood.
      There is not a dimes worth of difference between the two.

      • Trump and the MAGA movement is NOT a “Republican” movement. It’s a Patriot movement. It’s the Patriots (not the NFL team) vs the establishment. When you get a chance, research “Resentment Politics”. The government has always tried to divide and conquer. Trump and the MAGA movement want unity. The establishment can’t have that because we won’t be as easy to rule. The ruling class has one objective – to stay in power. Trump and the MAGA movement represent a grave threat to that and they’ll do whatever they can to fight against that threat – and by “whatever it takes”… just use your imagination. Trump is an outsider (not part of the establishment/ruling class) and as such they can’t have him stepping in and ruining their power.

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