09-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

telling cat about day wine glass
ghostbusters remake wtf card bill murray
s&m gear plants
clown if we pay more in taxes well get more free stuff
if fact checkers were consistent walensky fauci false information account suspended
woke definition injustice in everything but own behavior
whipped cream pie new york 15 mclovin fake id
keep warm burning all previous advice gave you wear mask get boosteed
babylon bee new voting booth instantly shower cash vote democrat
corporate same picture biden dictator office
border dc bus kamala harris immigration czar is out
joe biden wheel fortune buy a vote student loan forgiveness

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet bank of america mortgages trudeau minorities
tweet stock market not casino they give drinks while lose money
usa money to ukraine israel taiwn mississippi dont drink the water

Quote of the Day

quote urge to rule false front save humanity

Message of the Day

message nwo enemy not in russia schwab trudeau

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