09-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sign commas are important no more cookies
painting monster water
telsa service vehicle is a ford
welcome to california mandate buy electric cars then turn power off
joe biden make america divided again hat
runners conspiracy theorists watching normies catch up
liberal facebook fact checker looking at your page right now
even broken clock right twice day joe bidens
biden house admin propaganda program copying
babylon bee primary cause global warming massive dumpster fire 1600 pennsylvania
kramer red light biden rise of fourth reich jerry seinfeld
fbi trump raid michelle obama jill bill melania trump

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet life easier video game health before mental meltdown
tweet expensive hobby you have eating

Quote of the Day

quote gutfield tolerant people only when you agree with them

Message of the Day

message cellphone replacing camera clock dont let family

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2 thoughts on “09-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

    Jfc, give it a fuckin break, NSDAP has been gone for 80 years while Communism, Stalinism, Stasi-ism, run amok.

    • In the purest sense, it’s called Corporatism which is the fascism practiced by Mussolini. The political scale most commonly subscribed to where fascism is far right and Communism is far left has always been wrong.

      The true scale has Authoritarianism on the left and Freedom on the right. Consider how we judge other countries/governments by the level of Freedom or Authoritarianism their citizens have, and you will recognize this is the correct scale for assessing them (and ourselves).

      We give away certain levels of freedom through laws designed to make society “orderly” and “fair”. We don’t allow people the freedom to shoot someone in the street. We also don’t want what is coming our way because we gave away too many freedoms either. Who cares what you call it? It’s still the antithesis of Freedom.

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