09-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

alcohol cant make u happy me
free for quick call easier explain on phone affleck cigarette
if spend 100 for jersey part of team change my mind
golfer shot multiple people headed er
sign dirty deeds no longer done dirt cheap
government fixing inflation buckets water
tiffany smiley patty murray washington state race 2022
drew carey name product failure blamed those didnt use it
cnn soften joe biden speech blood red lighting pink
mctaxpyer give me student loan payment 7500 ev handout biden
babylon bee cdc walensky new stealth covid no symptoms or positive test

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet internet used to be fun place badger videos now monitoring humanity real time collapse
tweet zuby forgot mind your own business

Quote of the Day

quote trey parker registered libertarian far right left same person

Message of the Day

message dont oppose access health care education environment government worst

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