09-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

my family looking at my posts 70s show
golfers boomers millenials zommers gen x
office management training anger technically
meghan harry found out about grandmother memes
universe you are here told to blame for temperature
dem philosphy hunter biden trump election discussion
biden woke defund tax open borders republicans extremist
lucy charlie brown gas football putin germany
barron trump cocaine russian fbi leave alone
toll taxes owed liberal lunancy student debt
babylon bee fbi drops investigation trump nuclear print outs hillary clinton emails
cdc says anything go fck yourself
babylon bee 3rd year nfl end racism do the trick

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet californians watching lights go out tankers oil other countries communism
tweet boyfriend doctor mine imaginary football coach
obama clinton biden americans enemies threat progression

Quote of the Day

quote mike rowe happiness doesnt come from job values

Message of the Day

message facial expressions what comes oit of mouth

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