09-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda current financial status gold coin chocolate
hour after mowing dandelions.jpg
skeleton wife still shopping
baby yoda boss denied time off request flight booked
yes maam house on fire station charging electric fire engine
biden ear how monkeypox got started
shirt me upgrading apple iphone 13 to 14
biden ar 15 bullet travels 5 times faster anything teleprompter
bowser buses migrants invading dc kamala harris
ron paul everyday disgusted look
fbi not hunter biden yes to lindell mypillow

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet every kid second graders job tech support teachers
tweet kids ask spiders only live kids dont clean
tweet alexa remind me 10 seconds room foor
tweet sharks smell blood miles away flossing first time lock door

Quote of the Day

quote tagore plant trees sit shade meaning of life

Message of the Day

message dance like no one watching not checking their phones

Gaslighter in Chief

biden inflation reduction act cpi food inflation worst 1979

Biden Celebrates Inflation as the Economy Crashes

tweet biden legacy runaway inflation trillions queue

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