09-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

office rather feared or loved afraid they love me
everyday habits to do list
anal jana party balloons street view
ghostbusters queen looking at me slimmed
branco new isis biden 2024 cartels fentanyl trafficking border democrats
klaus schwab world economic forum grasshoppers cockroach milk lion
school how pay taxes job house lgbtq rainbow
domestic oil cant have solve crisis want to go through
biden celebrating high inflation lower wages
dont be mad not wanting pay your student loans you dont either
homer bart simpson 20 fbi agents jan 6th know of so far
babylon bee border secure kamala harris crowd surfing
newsome buttons electric vehicles cant charge them buttons
no human illegal science real marthas vineyard no trespassing

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet soulmate posts nevermind
tweet try to be good person below speed limit
tweet cant spend rest life automatic faucet
tweet sign kids up youth sports other parents regret

Quote of the Day

quote ali people run in packs safe alone muhammed

Message of the Day

message if struggle was hopeless propaganda unnecessary keep going

Biden’s America

fbi go after mypillow guy but no one on epstein list
biden fired thousands americans compulsory medical treatment wall street maga

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