09-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cant cut people out of life like never existed
perfect lingerie doesnt exist lettuce burger
people just added me start looking through posts
leftists tax businesses more businesses pass costs consumers leftists
democrats inflation reduction act gasoline fire
simpsons tv eat bugs exslave myself 1 percent weather gooder
army ar 15 liberals weapon war tanks planes
inflation package ground beef same last month
biden dumb dumber recession progression backwards
kramer jerry seinfeld red light reducing inflation stock prices biden
babylon bee 23 things more secure than us border

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet husband verizon text inappropriate construction
tweet living well best revenge googles second best
tweet pronouns in bio comfort poll i am a bad person
tweet hulu documentary mj epstein afee seth rich

Message of the Day

message decades children laugh green policies millionaires private jets

Adventures in “Emergency” Powers

Polio ‘Emergency’ Declared in New York after ONE Case

Martha’s Vineyard Laughably Declares ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ Over 50 Illegal Immigrants

meanwhile marthas vineyard obamas
me watching marthas vineyard enriched diversity

Quote of the Day

quote hegel we learn from history that we dont learn

Other Links That May Interest You

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2 thoughts on “09-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

    • History? Not only do we not learn from History, History is not even taught anymore in public schools unless it is CRT lies.
      Many Historians have proven that ‘1619 project’ is made up lies and opinions, not history, but public schools do not care. Virtue signalling that you are a brainwashed liberal is far more important than truth. or at least to brainwashed liberals.

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