09-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

people designed playgrounds when kid some may die sacrifice shrek
cat been ahole most life need help blinds
paid to be nice at work family friends expect for free
thor someone highly educated fully indoctrinated
nemo dory democrat mantra just keep spending
left wing menu misinformation fresh
biden democrats root causes recession inflation division crime border
xx dont always ignore government health advice end up healthier
babylon bee democrats another inflation reduct act combat created by first
fetterman legalize marijuana grow use trade without oversight
joe biden kamala harris titanic sinking ship democratic production
inflation free candy van now 3 dollars
joe biden unions railroad track supply chain
poster big biden watching you maga republicans though crimes

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet flushed airpods watching apple maps
tweet stop buying plastic skeletons natural better environment
tweet keanu reeves bill ted matrix wick

Quote of the Day

quote sowell success grievance rather than example world

Gee, I Wonder Who Controls the Media?

tweet more media coverage marthas vineyard than 2 million crossing border

Flashback Quote from a Martha’s Vineyard Resident

quote michelle obama give up piece of pie mansions

Message of the Day

message pay attention narcissist accusations confessions projection

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2 thoughts on “09-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Great meme about cannabis. Indeed, all so-called legalization has been is nothing more than transferring monopoly control from the black market cartels to the government cartel. Government NEVER believes in freedom. They are willing to tolerate pretend freedom only so long as they get their cut and maintain control and justification for their oppressive police state.

    • No, no, it is not like that at all !!!
      Just yesterday President Biden declared the Covid pandemic was over.
      Then today gave up all his emergency powers, lifted all Covid restrictions on military and government personnel, rehired all the people he had fired, and declared all future Covid vaccines would have to go through regular FDA testing and approval….not just be tested on 8 mice like the current Covid booster.

      That is what any science based, freedom loving, unifying patriot American President would have done. So am sure it happened.
      Sarcasm off….

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