09-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

golfer new hires me orienting them
beth dutton pumpkin spice one more time
yarn can do all things through spite strengthens me
me releasing memes to public fly my pretties witch
liberal buying moonshine look cool not real if paying taxes
monkey caveman evolution trans back
rinos pry defeat jaws of republican victory gop
people killed context blm police year chicago weekend
omar minnesota crime murder immigration fentanyl inflation student loan ukraine
obama doesnt have space marthas vineyard challenges
babylon bee scientists warn within 5 months humanity run out of things to call racist
obama plane hypocrite express marthas vineyard migrants
democrats land of delusion economy election green energy unbiased media tech

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet lonely or bored eat until figure out
tweet lost dad points home depot gained not asking directions
tweet journey not destination screaming kids in car
tweet why not married rich old introduce

Quote of the Day

quote nietzsche individuals insanity rare groups it is the rule

Message of the Day

message learn someone hates me po them adult thing

Song Lyrics of the Day

cats in the cradle boy just like me joe hunter biden

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