09-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kid epic meltdown public sad little person who
life simpler red rover clothesline those we dont like
therapist be yourself legs garbage bag
first rule gun safety never let government take away them
biden its over pandemic credibility
uncle fester fetterman release 3rd of inmates
checkers game media fact checkers tell everyone liar cheat
gecko saved money new battery car runs on gas
cop speed limit biden inflation go minutes
liberal npc what outraged now have not told me yet
dilbert boost esg rating identify as gay
pete buttigieg select racist images roads bridges
babylon bee jean pierre white house policy opposite biden says in interviews

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet house is disaster clean for us kid live like this
tweet son dad mortgage minivan lawn care fun
tweet gullibleneophy1 what if view worker instead of rich ladies

Quote of the Day

quote bruce lee childen bought teach not taught

Message of the Day

message shouldnt have to research common sense absurdity

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One thought on “09-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Will Donny Dupe’s legacy be latent, like Reagan’s. The USSR imploded when Bush the Elder was president lip reader.
    Challengers hit weaknesses. Trump’s is all talk no action re: Drain the Swamp. All competitors for the 2024 Nomination, should Trump run, will have Plans to Drain the Swamp. It is Politics 101, you can’t attack all talk with no plan.
    Throughout the primaries those plans to drain the swamp are in competition. Whoever win will have a plan …. and the mandate to drain the swamp.
    The man with that plan will trash any Progressive Pet Stain the Ratty Rigger’s put up.
    THUS in 2025, in earnest, the swamp begins to be drained. Trump latent legacy, whether or not he becomes president again.

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