09-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

landlords reasons keep security deposit spite profit
two types people at halloween party costumes
car sticker not old your music sucks
biden economy is strong 401k jump off building
fetterman running away from reporter questions
manslaughter ultra maga ran over let out of jail
branco mainstream media new economic recovery clothes naked biden
even in galaxy far away evilest career politician
babylon bee disney bald actress live action rapunzel
campaign season rinos pretend conservative democrats lean

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet friends need to talk few missed calls away
tweet son know what im doing took so long
tweet experimenting how many apples keep everyone away

Quote of the Day

quote sam elliot strong man stands up for himself stronger others

Message of the Day

message sometimes weight lose not on body

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One thought on “09-27 Politically Incorrect Daily


    There is a gerbil, a wheel and a rat.

    If the little gentle and friendly gerbil is on the wheel, most liberty lovers want to be the wheel, not the gerbil. The gerbil provides a momentum that softly sings, the wheel spins, it is perfect, a circle getting around.

    But what if the rat is on the wheel? The wheel becomes stigmatized, no amount of spin ditches the pestilent stink. The wheel is now tainted. You know bad is going worse, but you still would be the rat despised and indeed despicable than the tainted wheel, spinning for the rat.

    There is a gerbil, a wheel and a rat. Maybe it is time to take rat out of the picture

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