09-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

why car bad gas mileage sound put foot to floor
if jedi 100 percent chance use force inappropriately
turkey leg sneaker patrol pitbull
kermit missing arrows store save life
believe all women starter pack warren ford depp
people of florida during hurricane season flipping bird
sign fck biden expressway
ukraine freeze and starve
difference airplane america left wing crash contempt
white leftists taking care 50 immigrants texas 2 million
biden build back better 401k
biden promises made kept blowing up nordstream 2 pipeline

Biden’s America

Remember, the ones jailed two years and beaten for a protest are the “fascists.” 👌

tweet breaking report jan 6th prisoner ryan samsel beaten

Capitol riot defendant “viciously and savagely” beaten by guard in DC jail, joining other Jan 6th victims of violence – CBS News

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet analyzed spending habits place to live
tweet wont lie to children dont have hot dogs in colorado
tweet classic rock led zepplin blink coldplay mayflower

Quote of the Day

quote heath kids remember time spent not toy game

Message of the Day

message quote bottle water place worth nothing wrong

Lesson of the Day

Speaking of January 6th…

how to spot false flag news coverage agenda manipulation emotion government

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