10-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

reasons fall number 1 bugs returned to hell where belong
if own restaurant toms diner stupid question charge
baby yoda footloose lyrics pet goose picked a fight
saul your honor clients posts satirical twisted legally protected sense of humor
fbi poking paking cmon do white supremacist things
biden china inflation reduction act green energy
posts offensive gold old days blazing saddles intellectual
tshirt biden installed to make sabotage seem like incompetence
statefarm jesus never carried gun nailed board tyrannical government free speech
biden cant drill for oil blows up pipeline in ocean
view joy behar hurricane ian desantis did this
babylon bee congress passes stopgap funding avoid ukrainian stutdown

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet 2 million without power gentlemen start your teslas
tweet bassler facebook twitter paypal venmo colluding
tweet 14 year old tattoo denied him reassignment surgery
tweet meloni fascist biden protesters censors dissent
tweet libertarians focus on responsibility just as important

Quote of the Day

quote peterson tough men weak men capable

Message of the Day

message maga matrix what if i told you seats up for reelection 2022

Chill, You Ungrateful Peasants

Inflation is great, bugs are delicious, gas cars & air conditioners are unnecessary, also….

washington post 7 ways recession good for you

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3 thoughts on “10-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The message is you’re ducked. We have private jets and F15s and know how to duck up the price of your gasoline. The swamp will enable war on their maybe neocon is gone schedule, the US treasury is their spigot and your burden.

    The message is you’re doomed. Green prophesy needs deplorable sacrifice. Mean … while the private jet resetters Junket to Scotland to lick Greta Green Gash crevasse … and cash in, with green subsidy grift, and to chat about their futures … big time commodity plays based on timing … nasty things.

    These total chit heads have been in control of the Dem Rat party all century. Luckily, the Feds are “ours.” All we need do is express our mandate.

    Make competing, written out, metrics ladden, plans to drain the swamp … to slice, dice, quarter and half the Feds’ footprint, Bootprint and cost, the price of entry for every GOP candidate for president in 2024. No plan? Get lost.

    If that castrates The Don Old more than the swamp already has, something I can’t figure, so be it.

    • Good post, however The Don Old did and does have a plan. He has been working hard to purge the RINOs out of GOP this election cycle. Think heard around 185 out of around 200 Trump endorsed candidates made it past primaries. Liz Chaney? HISTORY!!! Personally divided on if Trump should run again. His ideas are correct, but he is damn old. If elected in 2024 he would be oldest President ever elected. USA needs newer blood and less dinosaurs in office. Anybody from Kansas readying this: Please, Please, Please get rid of Mitch McConnell. ‘The Turtle’ is a dinosaur as much swamp, as corrupt and as much a fossil as Biden. Please retire ‘The Turtle’

      • Mitch is from Kentucky. Somehow they get it and elect Rand Paul, but don’t get it and keep voting for Mitch. The end needs to come during the primary, and if you’ve ever watched the party process at the local and state level, you’d know that it is more corrupt than the worst third world country. TPTB want Mitch to do their bidding, so he keeps winning the primary. No Democrat is going to beat him in the general, and nobody would want that anyway. Now if every republican would support libertarians, things might actually change nationwide.

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