10-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

elo dog picture songs cant get it out of my head
heres to those freeze longest turning on heat first time
cat after the chase computer mouse
scarlet witch hulk angry shirt rips off she hulk shoes break
will go camping hottub netflix tent
sponge bob dumpster dive toxic comments controversial post
win lottery signs full groceries gas tank
biden titanic inflation water only up inch
babylon bee congress signs up for ukraine billions monthy subscription
democrats sinking poll quicksand jan 6th recession inflation 401k war defund
russia invested billions nordstream us navy blew up own pipeline

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dont cry summer over mosquitoes dead
tweet side hustle hobbies afford food
tweet never underestimate number times do the exact same thing wrong
tweet italy voting threat to democracy biden unbroken

Quote of the Day

quote action concentration power few hands mentality of gangsters

Message of the Day

message everything free is paid by someone who works

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