10-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

love my job repeat as many times as necessary baby yoda
hallmark fall in love men lifetime kill them
bank account spooky decorations beetlejuice
me doing repairs around neighborhood knocking cameras surveillance
how i sleep never following one government guideline
chalkboard chinese products joe biden
plant based mashed potatoes aliens fly by
joe biden atlanta braves brandons
hillary clinton joe biden complaining imagery trump rallies
nobody above law starter pack fauci hillary hunter gisele clients emails

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet california electric cars natural gas heaters unicorn farts green new deal
tweet selling degree good condition never used

Quote of the Day

quote assange nation cant solve what press wont let perceive

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson same people 20 years taliban replace fighting war on inflation

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3 thoughts on “10-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. What the press won’t let it perceive ……. my foot!

    Only morons and fools fully rely on the newspapers and television for their information and over the last couple years we can now spot them a mile away

    Thomas Jefferson said that the only truth to be found in the newspapers were the advertisements.

    The job of the press is to make money they do that by selling advertising space
    people let themselves be deceived because they want to be deceived they want a feel good pill they crave the mindless reading of a newspaper to pass the time.
    By staying current on what’s in the paper and what was on TV in the news and the sitcom’s and sports you can have a conversation with somebody at work the next day someone you didn’t know before you came to that job and will not keep up with after you leave that job.
    Sure you need to keep up with current events but you need to pull the curtain back every now and again and see what really happened and why
    if you pay attention and pull that curtain back you’ll know when you’re being deceived and lied to

  2. Plant based potatoes heck! That’s nothing. I bought salt at one of those trendy all organic stores and prominently on the front label it stated that the salt was non-GMO

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