10-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me buying halloween candy store christmas decorations
wife husband new puppy need home bed
dojo billionaire superhero back to school
tents locked in mortgage waterfront property
california biker reimagine electric ev
401k statement burned inflation mailbox
sign welcome california electricity auto free
evolution of clowns kamala harris joe biden
bernie sanders once again asking pay more taxes change weather democrats hurricane
biden democrats i see dead people unplug biden teleprompter
babylon bee nation in mourning government shutdown averted
kamala harris hurricane relief thoughts prayers color chart
joe biden zelensky ukraine pool florida puerto rico

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet cooking show judges toddlers world renowned chefs
tweet husband wife remembers everything quality assurance purposes
tweet mmet guy classic horny was there

Quote of the Day

quote leaders dont listen surrounded by people nothing to say stanley

Message of the Day

message if doubt power voice what do to silence

Other Links That May Interest You

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Immigration Meme Gallery

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