10-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bills paid adulting sucks bank account empty
kermit expect me work well others or pass drug test not both
teaching us love imagination passion rogers trebek jeremy thanks
tired boss doing time facebook jail snowflaskes offended
green goals plugging reality outlet
biden cbo student loans half trillion zero
realize didnt have to join army for free college

babylon bee new white house halloween decoration zombie biden
big tent party democrats california homelessness
joe biden your 401k mine too jack ice cream
kamala harris get to you whitey hurricane

Quote of the Day

quote storm pleasure provoking reaction give them none

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet democrats core obsession censoring imprisoning adversaries corporate power
tweet nra legal gun owners 415 million guns if problem youd know it
tweet time for reality check would not recommend
truth trump jr bringbackmasks trending mental illness

Message of the Day

message attacks freedoms systematically silenced gone

Need Any More Reasons These Green Nutcases Shouldn’t Be In Charge of Anything?

huffpost could small nuclear war reverse global warming

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4 thoughts on “10-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Re the first meme: Bills paid, bank account empty.

    If you can’t handle your finances properly, then say adulting sucks, your doing wrong!

    70% of the population live paycheck to paycheck because people are idiots with their money. Auto loans, student loans, latest thousand dollar mobile device under a multiyear contract, several racked up credit cards used to purchase stupid baubles and trinkets, then renting somewhere they really can’t afford, or worse, taking out hundreds of thousands of dollars on a mortgage because they’ve convinced themselves, “they can afford the payments”.

    People drown themselves in debt, then complain their lives suck.

    Other than a few more payments on a mortgage, I have no debt. You know what I do have? Whatever I want, because I’ve learned to have a surplus of money!

    That what each of us calls our ‘necessary expenses’ will always grow to equal our incomes, unless we protest to the contrary. – Arkad, The Richest Man in Babylon

  2. Sorry, but Bill “The Science Guy” Nye teaches the usual “settled science per gub’mint grants” BS about climate change. He’s not a scientist; he a propagandist. ='[.]’=

  3. Bill Nye did not teach us science – he wasn’t a scientist and his advocacy of manmade global warming proves he knows nothing about science.

  4. “The Richest man in Babylon” should be required high school reading, basic wisdom.


    – Book of Proverbs
    – Just Listen, Goulston
    – Be Exceptional, Navarro

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