10-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda grogu take number piss you off soon
guess womans age diffuse bomb wires
why back hurt sleeping cat legs
airlines 20 minutes early gate 4 hour delay
ok class learning about political extremists looking you
bike crash democrats print money russians racist causing inflation
hot mic biden fcked with bike stairs oil oligarchs all of above
bed hes thinking other women dahmer used seasoning
hurricanes before after they created climate change
babylon bee hurricane florida town ukraine flag so congress send aid

New Meme Gallery Added

Therapist/Shrink/Psychiatrist Meme Gallery 2

Social Media Posts of the Day

tsa prechecks pay us for mistakes made
tweet lady dressed catwoman knocking drinks off tables
tweet biden pandemic over conspiracy theorists right about lab leak ukrainian inflated
tweet trump wanted make america great again democrats problem

Putin/Ian/OPEC’s Fault 👌

biden complete block offshore drilling gas prices

liberals inflation wild who could see coming every non biden voter

US emergency oil supply shrinks to 40-year low as Biden keeps tapping reserve

Quote of the Day

quote eastwood change for the better take matters own hands

Message of the Day

message inside every progressive totalitarian screaming to get out

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Kermit the Frog Meme Gallery
Liberal Meme Gallery 3

One thought on “10-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. A socialist is simply a communist who isn’t willing to use violence to force others to do what they say…yet.

    Based off of how liberals have been behaving over the past decade, they are well past the “T” in “yet.”

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