10-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kids look like husband insulted in life
if too early to drink amateur cant be friends
gisele divorcing tom brady for having a job cant keep happy
homer simpson garage need new people in life
formal resignation letter quit using meme
bills usage processing admin wtf another dollar
biden take 50 percent off net worth banana republic
cat dont post stir the pot zipadeedoodah
worthless sack of sht speaks out compared to joe biden
leaked image tesla robot terminator
halloween trump biden lawnmower skeletons
food 4 less 2020 2022
putin may have blown up own nordstream pipeline what maniac biden us

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet good morning woman crosswalk honk jumping jacks
tweet razor blades in apples halloween psyop by kids
tweets license to fist carry gun ferguson
biden tweets armageddon risk highest since 1962 cuban missile

Quote of the Day

quote milton friedman free market exchange both parties benefit

Message of the Day

message better to walk alone than with crowd wrong direction

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3 thoughts on “10-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. expanding on that Milton Friedman quote
    A careful study of the income tax code will show that you are only taxed on an increase
    if you give eight hours of your time and are given say $240 in return, you have made an equal trade as you value those eight hours at $240 and the man they gave you the $240 places an equal value on your eight hours.
    there was no increase.
    Y’all think about that

    • If you read the book “The Law That Never Was,” you’ll see that the 16th Amendment was NEVER legally or properly ratified based on the requirements in the Constitution, the alterations most states made to the wording (not allowed), and other actions. But Wilson desperately needed the revenue to support all the debt being created through the newly created Federal Reserve, so his Secretary of State Philander Knox simply certified the passage and nobody questioned it. And here we are.

  2. While some good can be said about Mr. Freeman, don’t forget that he is also the guy who proposed, during WW2 that the government begin “withholding” taxes from every worker’s paychecks rather than the single April 15 payday, so that the government would have a steady stream of revenue throughout the year and so that tax increases would be more “palatable” to the slaves.

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