10-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

jason michael myers problem chasing girls same one 30 years
torn dog training dummies book chewed
baby yoda grogu someone gave me half peace sign
nfl football london anthem stole name war
everyone trying to live dont have kind money
farley for love of know about water at camp lejeune
open america on knees biden just need oil until november
democrats defund the police didnt mean it
buttigieg spending millions fix racist highway
book national debt for babies what youll owe

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet congress no relief florida wall fentanyl send billions ukraine
tweet book made you cry physics tears joy
tweet kids today cool cars geo metro windshield rosary

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson if you spent much time helping people calling for government to do it

Sure, Let’s Make All Our Currency Electronic 👌

tweets PayPal 2500 misinformation terms of service

Elon Musk Fires Back at PayPal’s ‘Insane’ Policy to Seize $2,500 from Users If It Disagrees with Their Beliefs

Democrats – Uniting the Nation as Promised

tweet hillary clinton trump supporters clear present danger democracy

Quote of the Day

quote miller critical race theory 1619 divide americans

Other Links That May Interest You

Biden Rapidly Depleting Strategic Petroleum Reserves after Dems Prevented Trump from Building It Up When Oil Was $20/Barrel

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2 thoughts on “10-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Even over here we only sing the first verse.
    would’ve been a hoot to give them all four.
    Over here it would be seen as sedition

  2. Lost Vingiagrette
    when Ashley’s wet
    Joe’s “inappropriate” ain’t cool
    Where’s Jackie, let’s forget
    when Ashley got whet

    All in the family taboo, big guy
    Bidens belong in a zoo, cow pie

    Lost Vingiagrette
    when Ashley’s wet
    Joe’s “inappropriate” ain’t cool

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