10-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cats she wrong doesnt want apologize
abby normal brian partcipate first thing normal
mcdonalds happy meals october toy
posting memes world know free men tryanny
neighborhood decorations halloween skeletons garbage body
never forget mask weddings face shield
liberal corporate greed chevron exxon take money pfizer moderna
ukraine crane money laundering bank
usda asking people register vegetable garden national database
babylon bee politifact biden made in america two words mostly true

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet boyfriend stupid son girlfriend temperamental house cat shopping addiction
tweet toddler clapped second piece cake encouragement
tweet pto prepare the others i wont be there
tweet same people cheered riots raiding homes protesters

Message of the Day

learn from history watch others repeat it doomed

Random Thoughts of the Day

I’m tired of seeing unfair attacks on Tulsi Gabbard, Elon Musk, Aaron Rodgers, Joe Rogan, and every other liberal who has been red pilled the past few years. What is the point of posting memes, engaging in debates, or doing anything else to wake up the masses if when you successfully change someone’s mind, you attack them? People’s views and political allegiances can change over time. Have you always had the exact same political beliefs you do now? In fact, I’d go as far as say that the beliefs of any open minded intellectual should evolve somewhat over time. Ronald Reagan was a Democrat half his life. Yours truly was a liberal Democrat until the age of 30.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe the majority of politicians are unprincipled hacks who change their positions based on whatever direction they believe the political winds are blowing (e.g. Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, and Charlie Crist). However, some people just open their minds, observe the world, examine evidence & logic, then refine their beliefs over time. You have to look at what they have to gain by changing their allegiances. Do you think Elon Musk will sell more Teslas by publicly supporting right-wing positions? Do you think a Hollywood celebrity who takes a conservative side is going to gain more acting jobs? Do you think Aaron Rodgers earned fans and more MVP votes from liberal sports writers by standing up for free speech and body autonomy? Tulsi Gabbard was once a rising star in the Democrat party. She was loved by the media and the party Establishment. She had everything–young, good-looking, articulate female who also happens to be a veteran. If she would have toed the liberal line like most party hacks, she would have vaulted to the VP nomination at a minimum. Instead, she took a few principled positions that weren’t aligned with the DNC. So even though she remained a Bernie clone on most issues, she was ostracized from the party.

Again, don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating her or any of the other liberal converts for political office, nor do I lose sight of the fact they all still push certain liberal talking points. I’m simply saying that’s it’s counterproductive to call these people communist or globalist double agents. And yes, of course, you’ll be able to dig up pictures of them shaking hands with certain people or making some outrageous statements in their younger years, which is only exasperated by fake junk on the web that is shared to “prove” someone isn’t sincere. Imagine what well-financed campaigns could dig up on you if they were able to examine every shred of your past!

Try to understand how many conservative/libertarians become who they are. Most of us start out liberal when we’re young, naive, and freshly brainwashed from public school. Usually it takes some major red-pill dose of reality–a war, Covid, a despicable leader from your own party, raising your own children, whatever–something that shakes your core beliefs and shows you how corrupt & dishonest the government/media/Ruling Class cabal is. That opens your mind to showing you that you may be wrong in other areas. Maybe you once wanted government universal health care, but the corruption in government shows you it’s not such a great idea to put those people in charge of your health. Maybe you once pushed for government spending in a host of areas, but after suffering from the shock of taxes & inflation, you start to believe you were wrong in that area also. Maybe with your new open mind, you tune into a few Tucker Carlson broadcasts. Maybe you read a few books from some right-leaning intellectuals. Over time & experience, you’ve completely transformed.

I’ve witnessed such transformations more times than I can count, but it rarely happens easily or quickly. I personally was liberal until 9/11, when I first became really interested in news & current events. I read dozens of political books and became a news junkie. At first, I swayed far right Republican and made a classic mistake I’d estimate 90 percent of the population makes — I supported government overreach because the party I supported happened to be in power at the time. Eventually I woke to the dishonesty, civil rights abuses, and out-of-control government expansion of the Bush administration. Since then, I’ve evolved to a right-leaning libertarian (but not PURE libertarian). And no, I’m not a Russian agent or Klaus Schwab plant. If you went back far enough, you could probably dig up some left-leaning articles I wrote that I’m now ashamed of.

I maintain Libertarians will always be a marginal party because they simply cannot help themselves from attacking anyone who doesn’t have 100% Libertarian purity. What’s worse–it’s not even good enough to agree 100% right now, you also have to have a spotless lifelong history of intellectual purity. Since almost the whole American population votes Democrat and Republican, libertarians have reason to alienate themselves from just about everyone. I cringe every time, when I witness a prominent person saying or doing something great, someone chimes in, “Well, that person said so-and-so 5 years ago”…or “this person was dead wrong about blah and blah.” Oh well then, sorry I didn’t hate the person sufficiently. I will just pretend the good thing they just did or said never happened. 🙄 In the future, I’ll remember to only praise the perfect humans I come across. 👌

Regardless of your political beliefs, when you manage to pull people to your way of thinking, TAKE THE WIN! Welcome them with open arms. You may continue to disagree on certain issues, but who knows what can be accomplished once the divisive barriers are down and your former political opponent is open to new ideas!

ok to admit wrong scraping biden bumper sticker
message be teachable you arent always right
cats fire working class humans turned on each other instead of ruling class

Quote of the Day

quote angelou then know do now know better

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14 thoughts on “10-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I believe it was Ronald Reagan who said something along the lines: “Anyone over 30 years old who is still a democrat — hasn’t grown up yet — isn’t fully aware —

    I should probably go to a “Quotes” site and get the correct wording, but it’s 10:25PM, and once you get past 80 years old, late night is not the time to be overactive mentally. Too prone to making mistakes…..

    • Some time you hit pay dirt!


      “Celui qui n’est pas républicain à vingt ans fait douter de la générosité de son âme; mais celui qui, après trente ans, persévère, fait douter de la rectitude de son esprit.”
      “He who is not a républicain at twenty compels one to doubt the generosity of his heart; but he who, after thirty, persists, compels one to doubt the soundness of his mind.” Anselme Polycarpe Batbie (19th century academic jurist).

      Addresses shifting perspectives based on experience.

      • Thank you Cato for your effort.

        This morning I went through 12 pages of Reagan quotes and couldn’t find what I was looking for. As mentioned, I should be very careful with comments made after about 6 PM.

        • “If You Are Not a Liberal at 25, You Have No Heart. If You Are Not a Conservative at 35 You Have No Brain.” — Winston Churchill

        • To Joe:

          Thanks mate, you nailed it.

          “The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know.”

          (And get mixed up and turned around on occasion.)

  2. “crimes against humanity…”
    That’s maintaining diplomacy! You’re being generous. I’m sure we don’t know the half of it. Bush and Kerry is a seamless example of a rigged political system. Bush and Kerry were never opponents, there are “brothers.” These power elite have very strong allegiances and take their oaths seriously. It’s just not to to the constitution or the people… America probably did pass away over a hundred fifty years ago, when it became a corporation, but maybe it never even was what we believed… Either way clawing and biting at each other is not winning, no matter how tempting, and satisfying it may be. It’s losing, and we must abstain from picking at one another. There is already a very real enemy, we must not succumb to being our own, or each others enemy… do not put your faith in men. The truth will be revealed, we must press on.

  3. A valid point regarding individuals, but missing one critical point with regards to politicians. They used their power against us and freedom, while regular individuals have not. Additionally, you willingly point out your mistakes and apologize, while politicians do not. And unless someone can identify the principles upon which their new found loyalties are based, their alliances should be suspect as this might just be more power, support, or otherwise driven.

    • And it’s also hard to ignore one’s membership in the Council on Foreign Relations, or being one of the WEF’s Young Leaders group, especially given the unbelievable amount of tyranny the other members have unleashed over the past three years. Has their tyranny been vocally rejected in the way the Democrat party has been rejected or condemned? Haven’t heard it.

  4. RE: Thought of the Day
    I’m all for a convert, but they cannot be trusted and must sit in the back until their “repentance is as obvious as their sin”.
    Sir, you mentioned a few famous “converts”.
    Were they really?
    Were they converts of party or world view?

    Did they suddenly measure everything by the Constitution?

    Did they undo any law on the basis of the Constitution?

    If we are not going to have the Construction as the Standard, well, The country is nothing more than a big football game with very high stakes.

    What makes a Democrat?
    What makes a Republican?

    We have a brand new Supreme Court Justice who cannot differentiate between a man or woman in a nudist colony.

    The Democrats and Republicans voted for her down party lines. Democrats have the majority so she’s in.

    Guess why she’s in.

    Because a Republican brought her out of committee.

    Had that Republican, so-called, not brought her out of committee we wouldn’t have her in a position of power for the rest of her life.

    If you recall I think it was 2008 the Democrats of his state lobbied for him and told their people to vote for him because he represented the Democratic interest better than the Democratic candidate running against him.

    The most famous convert of all time was the apostle Paul.
    Raised to be a Pharisee among the Pharisees by the best of the Pharisees.
    We see him dragging Christians away and holding the coats while Steven was stoned.

    He is converted, and from the very beginning, he pivoted 180°.

    Took some time before he was trusted but he is among the greatest in furthering the faith in the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ.

    • Some of Reagan’s worst offenses against freedom, free speech, government spending, etc came AFTER his “conversion.” Indeed, measure them by their deeds, not their words.

    • Well said Brutus,
      “I’m all for a convert, but they cannot be trusted and must sit in the back until their repentance is as obvious as their sin.
      …spot on, thanks!

  5. Conservatives lose because they

    1. Passively complain & do nothing, constantly allow liberals to give them just enough place to vent to remove motivation to take action

    2. Attack each other and splinter into sub-groups

    3. Allow liberals do break the law without consequences, while themselves try to “play fair” long after fairness is gone.

    (Eg. Vote machines that give non-whole-number tallies, 2000 mules, ….)

    Marxists murder conservatives by the millions in country after country precisely because of these.

    • We had a “Republican” Prez and vice prez in a position to stop a stolen election, also the SCOTUS, as well as State Governments and Governors …… yet here we are, here we are.

      Psalm 118
      8 “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.
      9 It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes.“

      Psalm 146:3
      “Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.“

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