10-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

shoutout early humans figured what plants get us high
ladies man project look ass jeans fat
launch shtstorm snowflakes wont reply comment
george build back better support group
headline look for babylon bee real news
democrats armageddon nuclear still better than trump
fetterman senate freedom violent criminals
post same meme as 20 other people get 30 day ban
babylon bee paypal 2500 reparations white peoples accounts

Joe Biden “0 Percent Inflation” Report

bakery display case why prices gone up

Final Inflation Report Before Midterms Released. The Numbers Are VERY Bad.

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet halloween king sized candy bars tootsie roll thor
tweet straight white guys excited brady focused football gisele single
tweet paypal not sorry just mad got caught 2500
tweet hands off assange protests media climate change blm division

Quote of the Day

quote merle haggard what public wants honesty

Money Laundering 101

Some politicians use Ukraine and some use “speaking fees.” Others use more obvious methods….

tweet obama pearson publishing book deal quid pro quo

Ever wonder why, with so much free stuff on the web and books dropping in prices every year, required school textbooks are still insanely expensive? Hmmmm…let’s think on this? 🤔

Message of the Day

message november approaching dc drain the swamp

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2 thoughts on “10-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. sometimes I’m a bit slow
    all right a lot of times I’m a bit slow
    So could somebody please explain how we can trust the results of the November midterms or the 2024 election – which ever way the hammer falls
    Because I would be just as concerned if I knew that things were rigged the way I would like them to be rigged.
    In a free society such as the one we pretend we still live in two things can never be compromised adherence to the constitution and the integrity of the vote.

    It does appear that we have lost both.

    Churchhill said and I believe it to be pretty accurately given in this way: The integrity of the Prime Minister is like a woman’s virtue. It cannot be subject to incremental diminutions.

    • Good post Brutus and you bring up serious questions that need to be answered, but are not being answered.
      Let me express similar thoughts in a different way.
      The USA is a constitutional Republic. The constitutional is the laws we have agreed to live by. Republic is a representative form of government. We elect government officials to represent our ideas and believes.
      Or at least that is way a Constitutional Republic is suppose to work.
      Current reality is our politicians are bought and paid for by corporate interests and foreign governments. Politicians will promise anything to get elected, but day after election those promises mean nothing.
      Example: Does anybody in USA want a nuclear war with Russia? Vast majority of USA citizens do not. Yet the military corporations that make money from war and control Biden are pushing USA closer and closer to nuclear war. We are give undefined definition of what winning this Ukraine war would mean, and negotiated end to war is flatly refused.
      If Biden and Congress represented the people of the USA, this Ukraine War would never had happened.
      Even the words ‘constitutional republic’ are being censored and replaced with undefined term ‘democracy’.
      Propaganda is that every vote counts. But if your politician does not represent you, then your vote and all the votes the politician got mean nothing
      Politicians are legally required to obey the Constitution and represent their voters. We the people must demand this and remove any politician that refuses. We have the power to do it…we are just being brainwashed into not doing it.

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