10-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

invite girl watch spooky movies takes clothes off
bathtub cat wife drain clean
too much sex cause memory loss park bench
office ww3 stockpiling food water guns ammo
kamala harris venn diagram condescending annoying incompetent
fetterman operation game missing a brain
seinfeld mushroom nuke cloud build back better
skeleton waiting for apologize aholes trust the science
babylon bee pfizer insists tested on billions people

Who Could Have Possibly Predicted That? 🙄

biden administration extends covid 19 emergency powers

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet paul revere saved me chips peas gravy soccer
tweet before after marriage sexy pictures hemorrhoid cream
tweet older micro injuries driving blind spot water

Quote of the Day

quote candace owens considering run for office

Message of the Day

message believe in yourself cat painting tiger

Note to Website Followers

It’s easy to tell that Big Tech is ramping up the censorship for the election. I’ve heard from several friends suddenly getting Facebook & Twitter jail for year old posts, and Google search traffic to this website has dropped over 25 percent in the past few weeks. Whereas a quarter of the daily traffic used to be new users, now it’s almost all return visitors. However, the website just reached 7 million hits to date, so you’re not alone! Thanks again to all of you regular visitors. I will be posting daily until the end of the year. I’m undecided after that, but if I keep the site, I will likely go to a couple posts per week focusing less on politics and more on humor.

facebook whats on mind throat account restricted

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9 thoughts on “10-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Oh man, don’t take down the site!! I read your posts everyday and often repost some of your memes. Don’t bow down to big tech bullies unless you truly are just tired of blogging.

    • Thanks, Jeff! I definitely will never bow down to the Big Tech bullies…just don’t have the time to post daily and want to possibly get into some other pursuits.

      • On my COVIDsteria Substack, I do meme collection posts 6 to 7 days a week centered around a Great Reset theme (plus satire writing when I have more time or a good idea for a story) when I have a big enough collection of memes (e.g. 20 or so) for a theme collection. Like you say, it can be a bit of work and I don’t even bother with Big Tech – just Gettr and Gab…

        I have been thinking of starting another humor post series, may be limited to certain subscribers and not every day to start, that’s more timely humor or social media posts (like what Don Surber or Covid & Coffee does with their daily link-analysis collections but w/o the need for the reader to do as much reading). I still have to better think the format over though as I don’t want to just copy what you or someone else is already doing – we have enough people writing boring long-winded articles rather than doing humor or satire… 🙂

  2. Joe, you provide a vital service with this site … we need you ! It certainly must be a lot of work pulling these memes together every day, but know that what you do is much appreciated.

  3. Joe,
    I understand the need to move on, but will seriously miss your work and insight. I hope someone else with your gifts and intelligence will step up and purchase the site, but I know how busy such people are.

    Often your insights help me pinpoint the truths that are on the tip of my (mind and) tongue and help me articulate the Red Pills to those I meet.

    Looking forward to tomorrows post already.

  4. Joe,
    I just checked with the Build Back Better honchos. They’ve determined your site to be critical infrastructure (along with gun ranges and stripper poles). You should be eligible for federal assistance. Keep up the good fight and don’t give up the ship!

  5. I have only noticed a slight drop-off or rather a lag over on my Covidsteria Substack – I had suspected it’s Gmail who might be messing with Substack emails again (as they do that to other Substacks e.g. Alex Berenson’s etc) as I don’t think I get much traffic from Big Tech, but it’s hard to determine where my “direct” traffic is coming from with Substack stats…

  6. My contributions to the embarrassing injuries (both true):

    My back went out reaching for the toilet paper.
    Also went back went out when brushing my teeth.

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