10-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

50 percent homeowning strange noises ghosts afford fix
pebble christmas songs october jingle bell rock
chinese stop sweatshops order
tv screen anti virus wipes cnn msnbc abc cbs
tim ryan sheeps clothing elect me make energy affordable again
genesiustimes white house press secretary replaced by literal gaslight
sign zest cafe almond milk chalk
babylon bee 9 upsides of nuclear apocalypse

They Really Needed a Study?

Study Shows Covid Lockdowns and Masks Significantly Impaired Babies Development Skills
ACT Scores Fall to Lowest Level in 30 years…and It’s Not Hard to Guess Why

doctor cash completely baffled

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet alex jones faunci walensky biden when paying up
tweet white house stop oil product combat climate change other countries
tweet 1999 matrix peak humanity next 23 years
tweet my kid something scary cashier groceries

Quote of the Day

quote mark twain dont let schooling interfere education

Prevent Another 2020

I know a lot of you think it’s useless to vote since Democrats will simply cheat, as they did in 2020. There’s no doubt they will attempt this again, but now way too many people are awake to their methods. There will be a lot of eyes on every ballot location, and they simply won’t be able to pull all the same shenanigans as last time, except maybe in leftist locations that are so far gone they might as well officially declare their own communist dictatorships.

Here are some ways you personally can help prevent the same kind of fraud:

  1. Vote. While you’re standing in line, observe as much as you can of the location.
  2. Video record on your phones anything suspicious.
  3. Volunteer to be a poll worker. Make sure the vote recording & counting is fair.
  4. Push local officials for audits, photo ID, and any other kind of verification/voting integrity requirements you can get.
  5. Share! Share ANY signs of cheating to the web (before it is censored), share to local news outlets, and share to any prominent national conservatives who are collecting the evidence.

I firmly believe that many Democrats encourage stories of voter fraud and cheating. They want conservatives & libertarians so discouraged that they simply give up and stay home. Then, it becomes a self-fulfilling operation, and they don’t even have to cheat.

I realize many of you are also fed up with Republicans. I’m totally with you there, but at this point, I’m most concerned with minimizing the destruction Joe Biden can spread in the next two years without any checks on power. You’re already witnessed the damage to date. Also remember that while nationally both parties often seem the same, local elections can make a HUGE difference. Think anyone who lived in areas controlled by Democrat governors & mayors noticed a difference in Covid tyranny? Do you want to face more dictatorial executive orders closing your business, masking you every waking hour, and forcing whatever new untested vaccines & treatments their campaign contributor companies whip up? Do you want your kids to finish their education without seeing classmates’ faces or over Zoom?

Don’t let it happen!

mask policy 2022 fauci boss robber biden inflation under control
democrats nuclear family no war yes
taxpayer funds laundering climate change inflation democrats

Message of the Day

message 1 percent control world puppets sleeping use

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6 thoughts on “10-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Don’t let the talk of a “Red Wave” put you off voting.

    All that talk coming from main stream media is trying to get you to say, “It’s going to be a pushover, my one vote isn’t going to make a difference.” If the MSM can get enough people to feel that way, it won’t be a “Red Wave” at all, we’ll be saddled with just what we have now.


    [Disclaimer: My Green Card says “Permanent Resident”, which means I don’t get to vote. All I can do is encourage you, and you, and you. DO IT!!]

    • If you would have just gone the illegal route You could vote, have free healthcare, and food stamps to boot!

  2. It was said that the steal was planned against Trump in 2016. But they underestimated the number of votes that had to flip to Hillary due to the overwhelming support that Trump was able to generate.

    so yes, knowing what they will try,
    it is critical that everyone who wants to preserve the integrity of an election get out and vote, and vote Republican no matter what.

    Now I say vote Republican because it is obvious the vote stealing machine is being run – primarily – by the Democrats.

    so the first thing we do is throw all the Democrats out even though the steal required a complacent republican party. Just like electing a non-citizen to the presidency required a complacent republican party.

    if that is successful then we demand that “none of the above” is placed on the ballot

    That will ensure you aren’t given a choice between a pile of dog poop and a pile of cow poop

    the next election cycle we must throw all the incumbents who were not just elected in the last cycle out

    If that is successful then we must demand that every law that is not alined 100% with the Constitution is stricken from the books.

    In addition every future law must align 100% with the Constitution.

    So many things will have to be undone to return us to the original Constitution, such as eliminate person hood for corporations, the alphabet agencies, the list is long.

    we must stop electing US senators through a general election
    they are to represent the states and must be sent by the legislatures of the several states

    we must eliminate the federal income tax which is corrupt to the core
    if you work a salary or a wage you are trading your time for money and you have an equal value exchange – there is no income
    if you’re making 20 bucks an hour you value that hour at 20 bucks and you’re paid 20 bucks for it so there is no increase.
    An Increase occurs when you take five dollars worth of raw materials, Three dollars of wear and tear on machinery and $10 of the labor and produce $50 worth of finish product.

    Now, for the above to happen we must return to God and a return to His Law, by changing the Constitution, will follow.

  3. One of the reasons we’re here is because fathers don’t answer the question ‘why’ do we do this dad? (Exodus 12:26) And it happens for so many generations the kids don’t even think to ask the question anymore… Teaching your children civic duty, or any duty at that, would be beneficial for character development even if it is just going through the motions in a political sense. So yes, definitely vote, and most definitely vote in your locals. Lead by example!

  4. Alex had to go down to support the ho-ax.
    Also, however much I hate to listen to his show as I just do not like that type of programming Alex is dangerous he digs he prys he is lemon juice in a paper cut,
    He is in no way shape or form controlled opposition like Rush and Carville, And I’ll throw Tucker and Hannity into that group, who just give a warm fuzzy feel good pill when you listen to them.
    I did not follow his “trial”, but did more than a little investigating of the incident, from a number separate sources.
    It was, well, do your own research and draw your own conclusions.
    same with 911, Oklahoma, Boston, the concert, etc..
    Just you watch, after the apeals and all the dust has settled money will trickle in five $10-$100 here and there from people that would never have sent Alex a dime.
    it’s gonna come to him because he stood brave and stayed the course.

    We used to joke at church when there was a big project that needed to be done :
    be here at seven with all your tools ready to go to work or put what it’s worth for you not to show up in the plate back there and you don’t have to come.

  5. Just a thought:

    See this alex jones payout theme appearing everywhere. Always in reference to the ‘misinformation’/’false reporting’ context.

    That in itself is a kind of ‘misinformation’. Jones was sued by individuals who were financially and psychologically harmed – as well as physically threatened – via a persistent campaign of belligerent and false defamation.

    This ‘alex jones’ context – in relation to the covid vax scheme – only serves to mock the entire concern.

    The simple answer to the issue: the ‘payout’ can only come when those who have been injured advance a class action lawsuit against the parties involved. If the government decides that fauci, et al, are exempt from such lawsuits, then the government actors themselves should be sued as accomplices & obstructors of justice.

    People will say, ‘yeah, we don’t see that happening.’

    And that’s always the case: nothing is done because no one wants to try. Things like this take energy, work, and commitment. Things that whiners and complainers never want to put out – it’s easier just to get on the web and play victim.

    No one wants to actually take a stand – in spite of the odds. So nothing ever changes – it all stays the same. And the overlords know this. It’s why they get away with ever increasing abuse upon the populace. And the populace continue whining and complaining like good little keyboard commandos – and nothing more.


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