10-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

netflix husband watched show good run
hobbies drinking coffee lists of things unlike to do
it clown pull you in sewer love pub subs key lime pie saves racoon
october breast awareness puppies checked balloons
boys dressed as hunter joe biden swamp monsters
deer interview good chance hunter older millenial meat stores
democrats acronym energy open borders america last socialism
trump vs biden congenital liar folksy story teller
aoc how long survive without brain google search
baby yoda grogu daily struggle be nice fck everybody

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet luke combs hate golf quit play tomorrow
tweet 4.0 gpa two jobs social life lie
tweet sorry for words typing password tv remote
tweet nancy pelosi miced up film crew j6 jan 6th

Trying to Top the Labs in Wuhan and Ukraine

Boston University claims to have produced new Covid strain with 80 percent kill rate

tweet boston new lethal strain covid lab terrorism

Quote of the Day

quote freedom possession those defend courage pericles

Message of the Day

message burn bridges standing serious about crazy

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3 thoughts on “10-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

    • Anyone who thinks that the Chinese were anything more than dupes or paid off funkiest, hasn’t been reading enough investigations. The Chinese, for their services, were allowed to shut down their country, not just to set a precedent that every nation followed, but to murder possibly tens of millions of troublemakers while the shutdowns were in place.

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