10-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

grocery store customers know everything mix it up
store chucky good guy doll missing
baby yoda grogu baco fat salty me too
hot bowl of cold food is ready microwave
not going to be crazy on internet cryptkeeper
might have do shady sht klondike bar gallon gas
kanye west not oppressed disgrace to our people liberal
kidnappers returning after talking about inflation
democrats lights camera action starter ukraine insurrection
ready set go trump truth social musk twitter kanye parler
kjp frustrated old sht two weeks ago biden nuclear armageddon remarks

Social Media Posts of the Day

post stop using paypal alternatives steal opinions lesson
tweet catturd twitter restricted site removed followers cant handle free speech
tweet rather investigate than jan 6th fbi doj covid
tweet gas money 17 now cant go anywhere

Quote of the Day

quote limbaugh liberals measure compassion welfare how many need it

Message of the Day

message one bad chapter doesnt mean story is over

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One thought on “10-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Kanye West has made some disturbingly anti-Semitic statements, of late. I’ve been a bit chary of him for a long time, but I am no longer comfortable with him hanging out on “our” side of the fence. ='[.]’=

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