10-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda forget what doing loading
helping mid math homework jim carrey
kids want cat pet semetary showing
rick morty elect functioning tell us what to do extra slavery
white bronco me escaping mainstream media bias anonymous staged lies propaganda
how country 31 trillion debt keep giving other countries money
biden saudi arabia quid pro quo impeachable old enough
america freedom braveheart fenced in
alex jones fined 1 billion misinformation dr fauci
serial killers have glasses hillary

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet income 3 times rent boss
tweet cinderella animal friends prince shoe no makeup

Quote of the Day

quote mark twain more learn people more like dog

Message of the Day

message importance steps ladder rungs comparison

Obvious to Anyone Paying Attention

Biden to release 15M barrels from emergency oil reserve, more possible

Everyone knows that Biden is releasing emergency oil reserves, pressuring OPEC, negotiating deals with Venezuela, and taking whatever other temporary means he can to artificially drop oil prices before the midterms. It works though since half the country doesn’t pay attention or are brainwashed by the nonstop propaganda from mainstream media lapdogs. So here’s my prediction:

1. Gas prices will stay roughly the same or possibly drop slightly the next few weeks.
2. Republicans will still win big on election day.
3. Biden will then cease ANY attempt to keep oil/gas prices low, leading to another skyrocketing of prices to record highs.
4. Biden will blame the increase on the new Republican-controlled Congress.

Again, this type of strategy works usually because Democrats dominate all the agents of influence (mainstream media, Big Tech, entertainment, public education). So conservatives need to pre-emptively call out exactly what Biden is doing. It shouldn’t be a tough sell. We all know the Left WANTS high gas prices so they can force their climate change globalist agenda.

us strategric oil reserves emergencies democrats 2022 midterms
Biden Snaps Over Questions He’s Depleting America’s Reserve Oil for Political Reasons

It’s an Emergency! We Must Give More Power to the Government!

al gore glaciers when born now climate change

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